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Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement: The mission statement of the University Place School Library is to provide a place for students to learn and appreciate the power of information through various print and electronic materials, to supply a space where ideas can meet through students and teachers, and to inspire individuals of any kind to be an active and contributing member of society.

Library Objectives: 

  • To champion and supply for students' curriculum-founded and recreational reading needs with materials of diverse mediums that will encourage and foster a love for reading. 
  • To engage and collaborate withour teachers and students in order to form a more customized learning and instructional environment that is able to comply with any type of library user's need.
  • To instruct and assist educators and students in understanding and mastering the resources and technologies that are available in the ever-changing world of technology and will myself continue to discover the range of resources available in order to provide only those materials that are up-to-date.